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Fake News Centre goes live in Thailand

The Digital Economy & Society (DES), Ministry of Thailand, along with its local Police Cyber Taskforce (PCT), have launched an Anti-Fake News Centre to combat the spread of misinformation online.

According to the proposed anti-fake news centre, up to 70% of 300,0000 news-related information in Thailand came from un-identifiable sources. It will perform stringent checks on news affecting one’s life and property and information causing social divide – spreading mass dis-information or tarnishing the country’s reputation.

Combining human resources with artificial intelligence, the operation will analyse the top 10-20 most shared objects or messages on Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter. Furthermore, the state’s telecom TOT will also share its resources to track down suspicious news.

Moreover, the public can send suspicious messages to the centre through Facebook, Line or  Twitter to be checked and verified. The centre promises to verify information submitted online within two hours. Once misinformation is detected, the centre will forward the case to the Royal Thai Police for investigation.

With the support of PCT, the centre will accept complains about cyber-crimes committed through social media and online channels.

DES Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta told Bangkok Post: “Fake news is one of the critical threats that could harmfully affect people’s lives and the economy.”

Indeed, fake news can have a great impact on Thailand, causing social division as there are 57 million Internet users in the country and up to 90% of the online users are using social media such as Facebook and Line.

It’s time to draw a red line.

Image credits: Bangkok Post


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