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FAST streaming needs to pause and note what consumers want

In recent years, free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) has gained significant traction and established itself as a major disruptor in the online streaming market. However, FAST streaming may have to hit ‘pause’ to take note of what consumers want in 2023.

Video technology platform Fast Channels TV has predicted user experience as a key factor in what is to come, with quality content at its core. Instead of endless scrolling, consumers are now looking for a seamless TV-live experience that provides a curated selection of original content and exclusive channels that are easily and efficiently accessible. As a result of this, the industry is working towards creating a better connected experience for all, said Fast Channels TV.

Content will fuel the FAST channel business, and by prioritising useful, relevant, and consistent content, content providers will be able to build stronger relationships with their audiences, Fast Channels TV added.

One of the biggest challenges of FAST, however, is the lack of standardisation, where the absence of measurement has hampered an industry eager to share its growth. In time, Fast Channels TV foresees standardisation coming to the FAST space, if it is to capture the many digital advertising opportunities before it. 

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, added, “2022 saw a surge in newly launched services and channels, as early adopters rushed to join the FAST explosion. And while we can expect a continued stream of video service providers and operators entering the FAST space, this year we’re likely to see a new phase as the market trends back towards quality.”“As viewers crave constantly improved content, content owners are taking note and driving growth by adapting quickly to consumer behaviour, delivering not only vault content, but originals and exclusives, as well as live content.” 

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