Fast video processing & delivery over any network to any device

MediaKind has launched Aquila On-Demand, a video-on-demand solution for the processing and delivery of video files over any network – cable, IPTV and OTT – to any device.

Aquila On-Demand supports latest technologies such as HEVC, 8K and CMAF, and addresses the challenge of delivering high-end, premium-quality user experiences to multiple streaming devices by transforming file-based content for on-demand delivery.

This new offering will allow global TV operators to offer their viewers more immersive ways to consume video content while reducing operational complexity, optimising server footprint and faster time to market for their content assets.

Aquila On-Demand facilitates the encode, transformation, processing, packaging and delivery of file-based video content, enabling innovative premium streaming services. The automated workflow can trigger both encoding and packaging processing from a single standalone request or can be controlled from an external content management system,  such as the MediaKind CMS as part of a full workflow solution.

Support for fast asset provisioning enables a rapid time to market for valuable content, while embedded just-in-time packaging and encryption provides support for a wide variety of formats and DRM platforms. Alternatively, content can be created in pre-packaged format for publication to external origins, including the MediaKind Video Storage Processing Platform (VSPP).

Stuart Boorn, Vice-President of Product Management, MediaKind, said: “Today’s challenging world of media delivery requires solutions that are capable of ingesting any type of video feed and format, dynamically storing video when and where appropriate. All this is needed while being deployed on a diverse mix of physical and cloud infrastructure to stream live and stored video-on-demand to an array of device types.

“Through the launch of Aquila On-Demand, we are providing a fast and optimised content delivery workflow that responds to multiple use cases and applications, supports the latest audio and video capabilities, and enables operators to provide richer user experiences to consumers. This single solution addresses the significant growth in usage of on-demand content and offers the necessary tools to process and deliver video files over any network to any device.”

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