Vintage Cloud’s Steenbeck digitiser is capable of digitising up to 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) resolution at up to 60fps, while analysing the picture quality of a scanned film master or proxy to examine out-of-focus, dust/dirt level and film grain noise level.

Film on a shelf has no value …

With the help of Vintage Cloud, media companies can bring their film archives back to life through digitisation, and even monetise those assets with the use of metadata.

All Vintage Cloud’s solutions are built on the Steenbeck film transport, which has more than 60 years of mechanical expertise.

Broadcasters and film archives are struggling with the fact that they need to transfer their audio-visual treasures before it is too late. Transfers are traditionally undertaken by Telecine hardware or data scanners, both of which are slow and costly. Broadcasters estimate that they are looking at a 25-40-year timespan in order to complete this task.

There is a belief that after the decision to digitise film archives has been made, the transfer period should not exceed a five-year period, due to the complexity of migrating digital formats in the future.

Vintage Cloud has spent several years investigating film archive needs, testing equipment and building workflows to do the job. As there were no specialised equipment available in the market previously, Vintage Cloud decided to build the first truly dedicated film archive digitisation system.

Collaborating with Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Vintage Cloud developed a new super-efficient light source. Together, the developers created a sensor fast enough to transfer moving images at the highest quality.

Finally, the developers also improved the stability of the Grand Master of film transport — Steenbeck, with more than 60 years of time-proved safe film handling, fast yet gentle.

Peter Englesson, CEO of Vintage Cloud, co-founded the company in Copenhagen, Denmark, and went on to acquire the brand name of the renowned good old film days Steenbeck Company. As a graduate of the Swedish National Film School, Englesson went on and had a long-standing career in the film industry as a film and sound editor in several European countries.

Under Englesson’s guidance, Vintage Cloud has become one of the world leaders in the technologies required to ensure the fast and safe digitisation of valuable film archives.

Vintage Cloud’s goal is to help media companies to quickly and easily monetise their assets by making them more accessible with tools that are cost-effective, innovative and intuitive, and designed for the delicate task.

With Vintage Cloud Steenbeck, the speed of transferring film archives has been radically improved. It is easy to use, it is fast and it is safe and, not to forget, very cost-effective. Media companies’ film footage never looked better this fast.

In Asia-Pacific, Vintage Cloud is represented exclusively by Cine Equipment, its Asia-Pacific distributor. Established in 1995, Cine Equipment is a one-stop shop for film and lighting equipment in South-east Asia. Over the years, the company and its subsidiaries in Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan have become known for their expertise and foresight in the introduction of the latest equipment into the Asia-Pacific region.

In the new millennium, Cine Equipment ventured into the digital intermediate market with the installation of the ARRILASER and ARRISCAN in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the Philip­pines.

Commenting on the partnership with Vintage Cloud, Tng Siew Moi, managing director of Cine Equipment, said: “As the world moves further into the age of digitisation, customers are constantly looking for ways to save costs while being able to monetise their archives. As such, Cine Equipment is pleased to announce its partnership with Vintage Cloud Steenbeck of Denmark.”

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