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First 3D tracking integrated into a live TV broadcast 

Panasonic’s 3D tracking technology was successfully integrated into Fuji TV’s live broadcast of World Cup Volleyball 2019 held last month. That was the first time image analysis technology was incorporated into an international TV broadcast.

The World Cup Volleyball occurs once every four years and it is regarded as on par with the Olympic Games and World Volleyball Championships.

With the ability to calculate the speed, height and the trajectory of the ball, along with images from multiple cameras, Panasonic’s 3D tracking technology can gauge 3D location data of relevant objects.

During the World Cup Volleyball broadcast, the 3D tracking data was applied to Fuji TV’s volleyball analysis display system that included Motion Scouter, which displayed the height and speed of serves and spikes, and Trace Vision, which displayed the trajectory of the ball, the angle of serve received, and the time it took from the toss to spike. Lastly, it overlaid onto replay footages.

The analysis provided the audience a new viewing experience through footages of the athletes’ performance and the progression of the game – and also various relevant data.

As interest in sports continues to amplify, Panasonic will continue to bring new life to the  viewing experience as well as be an analysis tool for athletes to sharpen their performance on-site.

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