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Firstlight’s performant platform on Google Cloud cuts TCO by 40%

Firstlight Media has continued its drive to widen the OTT industry’s accessibility to cloud-native streaming and entertainment platforms by announcing that Firstlight is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace provides joint customers of Firstlight Media and Google Cloud with business and operational advantages that can positively impact bottom lines and reduce time to market for new capabilities.

Google Cloud Marketplace allows rapid deployment of functional software packages that run on Google Cloud. It enables cloud procurement, a simplified buying experience and flexible payment options.

Leveraging the international reach of Google Cloud Marketplace with its fully cloud-based Gen5 architecture, Firstlight Media provides multiple key benefits for customers, including faster access to Google Cloud development tools and storage, rapid deployment of the Firstlight Media OTT platform, enabling customers to quickly launch new video services, and friction-free procurement and consolidated IT spend for simpler accounting.

 “Delivering the fastest possible time to market and the greatest flexibility to the OTT industry is a fundamental business and technology need for OTT providers worldwide,” said Eric Goldstein, Head of Business Development for Firstlight Media.

“With availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace, we are able to streamline processes for our customers so they can more readily reap the benefits of our agile, scalable, extensible and highly performant platform.” 

Firstlight Media’s availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace will allow Tier 1 OTT providers to stay ahead of rapid changes in technology and consumer demand by enabling flexible, agile services that can be deployed rapidly and scale for additional capacity as needed.  

The platform harnesses rich data analytics, personalisation and recommendations  to create dynamic, engaging services – all while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by as much as 40%!

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