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Formula 1 partners AWS to accelerate cloud transformation

The auto racing organisation will utilise machine learning and data analytics services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance the fans experience

Formula 1, the auto racing sports group governed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has accelerated its cloud transformation by moving its infrastructure from on-premises data centres to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Under this partnership, Formula 1 will work with AWS to enhance its race strategies, data tracking systems, and digital broadcasts through a wide variety of AWS services — including Amazon SageMaker, a machine learning service that enables developers to build and deploy machine learning models; AWS Lambda, a server-less computing service; and AWS analytics services — to provide metrics that will improve the way fans and teams enjoy, experience and participate in racing.

Pete Samara, director of innovation and digital technology, Formula 1, explained: “By leveraging Amazon SageMaker and AWS’ machine learning services, we are now able to deliver these insights and predictions to fans in real time. We are also excited that the Formula 1 Motorsports division will run High Performance Compute workloads in a scalable environment on AWS. This will significantly increase the number and quality of the simulations our aerodynamics team can run as we work to develop the new car design rules for Formula 1.”

Using Amazon SageMaker, Formula 1’s data scientists are inputting deep learning models with more than 65 years of historical race data, stored in both Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Glacier. With this information, Formula 1 can extract race performance statistics to make race predictions while giving fans insight into decisions and strategies adopted by teams and drivers.

By streaming race data to AWS using Amazon Kinesis, Formula 1 can capture and process key performance data for each car during the race. The deployment of advanced machine learning via Amazon SageMaker also enables Formula 1 to pinpoint how the driver is performing and if the drivers have pushed themselves over the limit.

By sharing these insights with fans through TV broadcasts and digital platforms, Formula 1 aims to improve fans’ experience, allowing them to dive deep into the inner workings of their favourite teams and drivers.

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