Fujifilm encourages you to shoot in 4K/Ultra HD

Said to feature “the world’s highest zoom and longest focal length”, Fujifilm has launched the Fujinon UA46x13.5BERD (UA46x13.5) and the Fujinon UA70x8.7BESM (UA70x8.7).

According to Fujifilm, the UA46x13.5 is a portable 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) broadcast lens that offers the world’s highest zoom magnification of 46x and world’s longest focal length of 621mm. The UA70x8.7 is a box-type lens that covers most frequently-used focal lengths from 8.7mm on the wide-angle end to 610mm in telephoto. It is also designed to reduce various chromatic aberrations, produce vivid colours and achieve high contrast to produce 4K/UHD video with rich tonal gradation in high dynamic range (HDR).

The UA46x13.5 is further equipped with Fujifilm’s proprietary image-stabilisation mechanism and drive unit to enable stable video recording and minimal camera shake during operation.

The UA70x8.7 offers 70x zoom, covering the focal lengths from 8.7mm in wide angle and 610mm in telephoto. The floating focus system, which controls multiple lens groups according to the shooting distance, achieves high-resolution footage across the entire zoom range. It produces dynamic 4K/UHD video in various scenes, such as concert coverage or live broadcast, zooming from a wide view of the venue straight into an artist on stage.

With the introduction of the two new models, Fujifilm says it is meeting the diversifying needs of broadcast production with an extensive line-up of eleven lenses in total. The UA46x13.5 will be released in May next year, while the UA70x8.7 is scheduled to be released in this November.

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