GatesAir enables MediaWorks to go uncompressed AoIP

Gatesair, a leading wireless spectrum provider, has helped New Zealand-based MediaWorks to transition into an uncompressed audio-over-IP (AoIP) networking architecture. GatesAir’s regional channel partner, Gencom Technology, provided all presales design support, working closely with GatesAir product specialists and MediaWorks engineers to develop the IP-based configuration.

Due to the complex legacy of TDM (time division multiplexing) networking infrastructure, Gencom affirms the need for upgrading to an AoIP structure. The new transport solution keeps all signals in the digital domain and streamlines signal delivery, at once improving audio quality, reducing system complexity, and lowering the costs of live distribution linking across a single-frequency FM radio network (SFN).

“The migration from older E1 linking technology to IP, while partially prompted by the recent availability of the latter, also enabled simplification of the routing for the Auckland transmitter as it now comes directly from the Auckland studio,” said Mark Simpson, account manager of Gencom Technology.

“This eliminates signal drops and vulnerability issues of the legacy architecture, which required MediaWorks to route the Auckland programme to Hamilton for local ad insertion. The synchronous performance across the SFN has been outstanding, and MediaWorks reports excellent audio quality and stability from the next-generation Flexiva exciters.”

For instance, The Sound — MediaWorks Radio’s iconic commercial brand — audio delivery was enhanced from its studio in Ponsonby, Auckland, to synchronous transmitters on 93.8MHz FM at Auckland’s Sky Tower and Mount Ruru in the Waikato region. Simpson said that the IP Link MPXp codecs have introduced a “significant cost benefit” across the expansive SFN by transitioning from expensive E1 circuits to IP, with an expected ROI of three to four years.

“Audio-over-IP adoption continues to accelerate as more broadcasters report on its operational benefits and reliability as a transport platform,” said Rich Redmond, president and managing director, International, for GatesAir.

For more information about GatesAir, do visit their booth #8.D60 at IBC2019,


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