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GatesAir presents Intraplex Ascent and ONEtastic solutions

A portfolio company of The Gores Group, GatesAir (booth 4Q3-01) has been providing complete solutions for over-the-air radio and television broadcasting, leveraging wireless spectrum to maximise performance for multi-channel, mission-critical services.

GatesAir is showcasing at BroadcastAsia 2019 its latest Intraplex audio contribution and distribution solutions, including its new IT-based Ascent audio-over-IP (AoIP) platform.

“Intraplex Ascent represents the latest in broadcast and IT convergence, and is our first Intraplex system to live on a COTS x86 server,” says Jacky Yee, GatesAir’s head of sales – Asia-Pacific.

“Ascent provides broadcasters with a highly scalable, redundant and cloud-based transport platform for multi-channel contribution and distribution. It is designed for centralised control and maximum interconnectivity, and is compliant with the AES67 standard, today’s leading AoIP networking solutions, and most Intraplex AoIP codecs.”

Having made a strategic acquisition of ONEtastic earlier, the company is also highlighting new low-power and outdoor TV innovations alongside complete wireless content delivery solutions for radio broadcasters.

In addition to its existing range of Maxiva and Flexiva transmitters, the company is also highlighting new TV and DAB radio transmitters procured from ONEtastic. Innovations include the debut of a weatherised pole-mounted TV transmitter built to deliver high-performance, low-power and gap-filler solutions in challenging outdoor environments.

BroadcastAsia 2019 has also marked the regional debut of the new Maxiva TV (10W-2kW) and Flexiva FM radio transmitters (7.5kW) introduced at the NAB Show in April,” says Yee.

GatesAir is also demonstrating a broad range of its high-efficiency UHF, VHF, DAB and FM transmitters across all power levels, with an emphasis on guiding broadcasters through complex digital transitions and refreshing analogue infrastructure.

The company’s software-defined Maxiva XTE exciter will be at the centre of all digital TV demonstrations, offering broadcasters a path to any digital standard while optimising performance and stability.


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