GatesAir unveils modular Intraplex IP Links at IBC Showcase

During this year’s virtual IBC Showcase, wireless solution provider Gatesair has announced two new Intraplex IP Link Audio-over-IP innovations: IP Link 100e – a new modular Intraplex IP Link; and IP Link 100c – a new low-cost IP Link codec for remote contribution and STL connections.

The IP Link 100e is the Intraplex family’s first modular plug-in card built for integration within radio transmitters. It is purpose-built to receive FM and digital radio content directly within GatesAir Flexiva transmitters. The module is added to Flexiva FAX exciters to reliably receive and feed AES67 and other audio-over-IP formats directly into the exciter. 

The smaller form factor reduces the cost of using Intraplex audio-over-IP transport at the transmitter site. As separate hardware codec is not required, it frees a 1RU equipment rack slot for auxiliary equipment.

In addition to GatesAir’s traditional robust connectivity, the IP Link 100e builds GatesAir’s industry-first Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) software into the module and SRT (secure reliable transport) protocol.

The IP Link 100c is a new compact hardware codec built for remote contribution and standard STL IP connections. It adopts a cost-reducing strategy but within a standard hardware codec.

GatesAir has halved the form factor to better serve portable applications, providing a half-rack-unit footprint ideal for remote broadcast and studio-to-studio applications. The codec design includes a DC power supply that allows broadcasters to quickly plug in and stream programme audio for sports contribution, live remotes and news coverage.

GatesAir is showcasing both products on its microsite at the IBC Showcase virtual event, taking place from September 8-11 at https://www.ibc.org/ibcshowcase.

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