GB Labs fulfils Aardman’s storage demands

The British animation studio has added two Space EX storage solutions, increasing its storage capacity from 150TB to 250TB

As the creators behind films like Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run, Aardman, a British animation studio based in Bristol, needed to expand its existing storage solutions to manage higher levels of data. The studio then approached GB Labs, which provided two Space EX solutions to their current Space+ unit. 

According to GB Labs, Aardman’s decision to invest in GB Labs’ solutions is based on the company’s need for storage that would add to its current pipeline, with minimal infrastructure and configuration changes. 

The installation of the two Space EX units enables the increase in capacity from 150TB to 250TB. The Space EX unit features performance across the RAID arrays, allowing storage capacity to be increased without a decrease in speed, said GB Labs. 

Paul Reeves, production engineer, Aardman, added: “Our storage system from GB Labs has been a high-performing and reliable part of our production pipeline, concurrently used between our edit, CGI and grade teams. The network connectivity options and additional of the HyperSpace acceleration layer gives us an accurate playback performance while enabling up to around 160 clients to be connected.” 


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