George Gittoes films White Light in 4K/UHD

Three Sony PXW-Z90 cameras were deployed to capture the feature documentary in 4K/UHD

As an artist, cinematographer, film producer, director and writer, Dr George Gittoes has been making documentaries for more than 45 years, and has seen the transitions from 16mm film to 4K/Ultra HD (UHD).

According to Dr Gittoes, the films he previously shot in SD are now “almost impossible” to remarket, as present-day TV and cable companies demand to be able to broadcast in HD. This, in turn, became one of the contributing factors in his decision to shoot his latest film, White Light, in 4K/UHD and with Sony cameras.

For White Light, he used three Sony PXW-Z90 cameras which are equipped with fixed lenses 9.3mm-111.6mm, as well as Sony shotgun and radio microphones. He commented: “The footage looks wonderful and is a huge improvement on my proviso work with Sony HD cameras. The compact size has enabled more freedom of movement and a less attention-grabbing presence when in intimate and dangerous situations.”

For instance, one of the Sony cameras is often deployed as a dash camera by fixing it to the dashboard of cars. This has enabled Dr Gittoes to do interviews with drivers in a way that has influenced the style of the film. Another advantage He pointed out was the ease of use, allowing people who might not be familiar with camera operations to “successfully use them, switch to automatic mode and get good results”.

Dr Gittoes concluded: “It was a big decision to purchase these Sony 4K/UHD cameras instead of goinging for larger models with interchangeable lenses as there was the chance the overall film quality could suffer. However, [co-DOP] Waqar and I are delighted that by using these PXW-Z90s, we have achieved such a great product in White Light. We are very much looking forward to sharing this amazing result and piece of work with cinema and smaller screen audiences worldwide.”


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