Get real — witness real-time IP in action at NAB

Stan Moote, CTO of IABM, explains why the IP Showcase at 2018 NAB Show, set for April 7-12, is a must-see for visitors

By Stan Moote

With SMPTE ST 2110 now published, the industry no longer has any excuse not to embrace IP. With interoperability proven over and over again, end-users are now taking advantage of the massive flexibility, agility and efficiency of IP-based infrastructures, and beginning the transition process.

This year, IP Showcase gives you a single stop to learn and watch IP in action, so that you are fully informed on IP as you go on to visit the various vendor offerings on the exhibit floor.

The IP Showcase, located in the Central Hall at booth C12634, is packed with real working demos to help you learn and tinker with full bandwidth uncompressed streams over IP. You can check for yourself how to operate an IP studio control room, make connections, see redundancy in action, and learn how to control and monitor operations.

Last year’s IP Showcase IABM Theater covered the foundations of ST 2110 as it was beginning to be finalised. Now solidified, engineers and business people alike have understood the benefits of real-time IP in a practical sense and many are presenting in the IABM-led theatre located in the IP Showcase booth.

It does not matter if you are a network expert or not; there are short, concise sessions to arm you with the enthusiasm to either jump into IP or expand your IP horizons.

Panel discussions are also a great way to get a taste and interactions between suppliers, system designers, workflow experts, and people responsible for using and commissioning of IP systems. The IP Showcase will feature panels just before lunch on the first three days of the show.

On Monday, April 9, come and see the panel What is the Big Deal about Real-Time IP? I will grill Mike Cronk, representing the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), Luann Linnebur from Nevion, and Mike Bany from Fox about installations, technical hang-ups and real-world interactions, and will uncover whether going IP within a studio is worth the effort.

On Wednesday, Thomas Edwards from Fox will have an open discussion with people who have planned for or are planning IP installations. They will share their thoughts (pros and cons), talk about workflows, and how their clients are dealing with the changes. Future directions will also be shared across the panel participants.

In the late afternoon of each day, there are specific topic sessions. On Monday, it is Understanding Connection Management; connecting devices into an IP infrastructure requires a different approach from SDI to achieve the benefits of IP. This session explains AMWA’s NMOS and arms you with the tools you need to learn about for orchestration and connections.

On Tuesday, it is the ST 2110 Transport Technical Track. This session covers traffic shaping, synchronisation, ancillary data, high-bandwidth throughputs and redundant path switching.
Audio gets forgotten far too much, so on Wednesday, the ST 2110 Audio Technical Track will cover the audio aspects of ST 2110 and AES-67.

IP will be everywhere on the exhibition show floor. Remember, the real-world transition will, of course, not happen overnight; large investments in existing SDI infrastructures will need to be amortised to a greater or lesser extent — always measured against the enormous potential gains of going IP.

You need to educate yourself on IP technology and how best to apply it. The IP Showcase provides you a quick start with real-life demos staffed by industry experts and a packed schedule in the IABM Theater to help visitors understand the technology and business benefits of the move to IP.

Stan Moote is CTO of IABM


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