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Tedial, the innovator of SMARTLIVE, will be demonstrating at 2019 NAB Show its AI-powered solution which automatically provisions a production environment to manage multi-venue feeds to generate personalised content, thereby creating content that leads to better fan engagement and additional revenue.

Tedial is leveraging its metadata engine to automate sports highlights and distribution, including integration of digital platform to feed campaigns into social media platforms. This method permits quicker access to content and creates digital story at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Esther Mesas, chief marketing officer of Tedial, says: ”It is truly a game-changing solution that will revolutionise the way sports broadcasters operate on production and financial levels.

“In addition, our other solutions have all been strengthened with new features and functionalities leading to ease-of-operations and a more appealing bottom-line.”

Tedial’s Hyper IMF MAM workflow is one such solution — it supports 2018 SMPTE IMF standards so that content can be efficiently managed.

For instance, broadcaster can watermarked components to previously distributed media to detect and manage duplicates. The new IMF package will boost the distribution of versioned content between businesses into multiple territories with the deployment of cloud infrastructure.

Tedial will also demonstrate its Version Factory 2019 — a solution which automates OTT and VoD task as well as Evolution aStorm — a multi-site and multi-tier object-based storage system. The company believes that it can achieve cost savings for its users by reducing transfer and tape migration costs.

Tedial will reveal more cost-saving features at BoothSU1924.



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