Getting operators ready for 10G

CommScope, an international connectivity provider, has raised not only the bars but the brows of the industry with new advancements in 10G. The technology leverages existing technologies to develop networks capable of delivering symmetrical speeds 10 times faster than today’s average bandwidth, resulting new services and end-user experiences.

To stay on the leading edge of connectivity, operators need to invest in all parts of the network from Access Technology (HFC plant) to DOCSIS and PON (passive optical networking) networks, video networks, and software management tools. CommScope aims to be the guiding beacon throughout the transformation process.

In the Access Technologies business, CommScope is working to expand the current bandwidth of cable from 1.2 GHz to 1.8 GHz and beyond. This requires next-generation amplifiers, optical nodes and taps, enhancing and changing the capacity of conventional cable networks.

Traditional cable networks have much more downstream bandwidth than upstream, and for 10G to support future network applications it needs to come closer to parity. The cable modem termination system (CMTS) and passive optical network (PON) teams have been innovating new techniques to balance the asymmetry of cable networks.

In order to balance the asymmetry of cable networks, the cable modem termination system (CMTS) and passive optical network (PON) teams have been innovating new techniques such as improving upstream bandwidth, including the dynamic soft Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) capability that we recently announced.

As general network architectures are evolving rapidly, operators are faced with the challenge of moving much of the network intelligence further out into the networks while simultaneously migrating headends from custom-built hardware platforms over to commercial servers running virtual programs. For DOCSIS network, CommScope Professional Services team is stepping in with design, plan, and implement processes to support operators during the migration.

Furthermore, the deployment of Ruckus products will provide design, installation, and activation services for Wi-Fi networks. Hence, enabling operators to leverage on software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) that replaces traditional IP routers with cloud-implemented network management.

CommScope provides turnkey solutions that will accelerate your path to the new normal of connection. A good example is sports venues and stadiums, where CommScope is providing the physical cabling and networking hardware, but their Network & Cloud segment is also providing Wi-Fi, networking equipment, and installation services. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution at a better value than existing competitors.

CommScope is also working with hyper-scalers such as international data centres to provide services and to upgrade network components. This also ensures the continuous circular growth of the industry from data centres to operators.

CommScope is well poised to offer 10G services for operators to offer next-gen bespoke services.

Kevin Keefe, Senior Vice President and Segment Leader of CommScope’s Network and Cloud, concluded: “Looking ahead, we’re very focused on providing the best support for our customers while enabling their success through their existing investments. We’re raising the bar, by offering efficient and dependable innovation that can deliver important gains today while scaling to their networks of the future.”

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