GINX Esports TV switches to flexible, cost-effective distribution platform

The Zixi platform has been adopted by GINX Esports TV to support the channel’s delivery of live eSports programmes globally

As an international eSports TV channel, GINX Esports TV’s linear channels are available in the UK, France, South Africa, the US, Canada, and several other international cable operators.

Content is produced and recorded in GINX Esports TV’s studios in London and distributed to over 55 million homes across the globe in more than 10 languages.

For a linear channel like GINX Esports TV, distribution is a key ingredient, according to Sebastian Gomez, head of technical operations for GINX Esports TV. Prior to the move to the Zixi platform, the channel managed its distribution via satellite.

“Moving to Zixi has allowed us to have a cost-effective distribution system that can be managed in-house — it has given us independence and control of all our feeds,” he said.

Gomez cited security, reliability, cost and ease of use as the main requirements, which Zixi met, when the broadcaster was looking for a satellite alternative distribution solution.

GINX Esports TV’s linear channels are all assigned to a dedicated feed, in addition to two international feeds — one based on European time and another set to the Asia-Pacific region time zone.

These playout facilities are set in two geographically diverse sites  but are linked via Zixi.

Zixi provides a cloud-based and on-premises software platform that enables the delivery of video over IP. The Zixi platform is designed for media companies to source, manage, localise and distribute live events and live linear channels using both managed and unmanaged IP networks.

Gomez said: “Our uptime increased since we started using Zixi. If we have maintenance issues on one of our playouts, coverage is unaffected because all our distribution end-points get to the streams from both location simultaneously. The platform also gives us information on what’s wrong, which helps with troubleshooting.”

The Zixi platform has also enhanced channel distribution for GINX Esports TV. Gomez concluded: “Setting a distribution now takes about 10 minutes if all the conditions are met.

“And if a customer is in a rush, we can set the Zixi receiver remotely, so it gives us a lot of flexibility that we did not have when using a satellite platform.

“It is also very secure as all the link we use are point to point.” 

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