Good morning, Vietnam … this is HBO GO!

HBO has long captured the hearts of Vietnamese and it is finally offering subscribers unlimited access to stream HBO’s vast library of original content at any time and from anywhere via HBO GO — its Internet-based service. Furthermore, its latest series will premiere on HBO GO on the same day as they are being released in the US.

HBO GO in Vietnam was launched by HBO Asia and its local agent, Q.Net, last week. It is also made available on FPT Play app, an online streaming platform.

Jonathan Spink, CEO of HBO Asia, said: “HBO Asia’s online streaming service is now available for the first time through FPT in Vietnam and will soon be available on more platforms … subscribers can also live-stream the HBO, MAX by HBO and RED by HBO channels which are subtitled in Vietnamese.”

Q.net has been preparing to unveil HBO GO to the market for more than three years. To provide the local audience with the entertainment programming, Q.net has to ensure that the service is in full compliance with local law.

Nguyen Hanh, Q.net’s president, said: “By paving the way for the successful launch of HBO GO in Vietnam, Q.net has entered the digital delivery field, the new dominant paradigm for entertainment content … And special thanks to FPT Play for its joint efforts, as well as the whole-hearted commitment we both share in making HBO GO for Vietnamese audiences a reality.”

“It will be the first-time young Vietnamese audiences have a chance to enjoy Band of Brothers, the latest season of Game of Thrones, and thousands of blockbusters and action programming on platforms including smartphone, tablet, smart TV, the web and FPT Play Box,“ said Vu Anh Tu, deputy general director of FPT Telecom, representing FPT Play.

HBO GO is currently available in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and, after Vietnam, it will soon be launched in more Asian territories.


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