Grass Valley’s Edius 9 non-linear editing software features a new floating license package while supporting HDR formats.

Grass Valley releases Edius 9

Alongside HDR support, Grass Valley is also introducing a new floating license package to enable users to add more licenses as needed

To support more video formats and resolutions, Grass Valley has upgraded its Edius non-linear editing software to a new version.

Edius 9 features a new “cloud ready” floating license package that is designed for large facilities such as broadcast stations or educational environments, allowing users to install the editing software across multiple systems, and add more licenses as needed. Furthermore, users are able to install Edius 9 on virtual workstations with major cloud platforms.

Boromy Ung, vice-president, news, Grass Valley, said: “Easier license structures, more format support, faster download and installation – these are all things that will make Edius even more indispensable for editing professionals. We love seeing all the different ways our customers use Edius to produce content for their viewing audiences.”

Edius 9 enhancements include native editing of high dynamic range (HDR) material, and export of HDR, which addresses the growing use of HDR content and supplements the existing ability of Edius to work in a number of 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) and HDR formats. The software is also equipped with the ability to mix standard dynamic range (SDR) and HDR material in the same project, and output results in either colour space.

Edius 9 will be available from November 1 onwards, while the floating license package will be available in April 2018. Users who have purchased Edius 8 after September this year will be able to enjoy a free upgrade to the new editing software.

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