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GV Media Universe changing the rules to create new future for the industry

The costs for generating new media are hitting record highs. Competition for viewers is fierce and their preferred viewing platforms continue to grow. At the same time, revenue is getting harder to capture. It is a tough environment to survive… so the gurus at Grass Valley are changing the rules.

The GV Media Universe (GVMU) is Grass Valley’s vision for transitioning to the SaaS and cloud-based future of the digital media industry. The GVMU brings together comprehensive solutions from Grass Valley and pre-qualified partners that include software, connected hardware and related services that allow media organisations to create and deliver more content with ease and efficiency.

The GVMU delivers a collaboration between broadcast industry experts that reduces the cost and complexity of media creation and distribution,using new operations and business practices. It is not just a simple “lift and shift” of a single product. GVMU is a complete ecosystem of end-to-end software, connected hardware and pre-qualified partner applications. GVMU operates as a single commercial entity for accessing, managing and supporting live content creation using the latest in technology.

GVMU helps you to overcome some of the obstacles facing the industry today by giving you the ability to:

• Decrease fixed costs and assets while increasing revenue to focus resources on content creation.

• Match production costs with revenue.

• Simplify deployment and operation with a single, unified ecosystem for production.

• Quickly create, reconfigure and scale production workflows to meet your needs.

At the core of GVMU is GV AMPP, a cloud platform designed for live programming operations. GV AMPP supports orchestrated microservices that elastically combine into solutions that mirror broadcast workflows with access to any source on the AMPP platform. GV AMPP gives you the ability to scale to as many instances as required, where and when they are needed – without upfront buildout.

GV AMPP is cloud native and cloud-agnostic processing of video and audio in a variety of cloud-centric ways — public cloud; private, on-premise data centre, or in hybrid topologies — giving you a simple way to rapidly scale cost and features up or down as needed to unlock flexible, distributed production workflows.

By offering this ‘full-broadcast SaaS-stack’, Grass Valley enables you to choose the elements you need now and seamlessly add new functions at a future date.

GV AMPP also expands the capability of your existing equipment and operations by connecting control surfaces from Grass Valley and authorised partners to cloud services. This means you can preserve your fixed investment while elastically expanding to the cloud, as needed or required. Plus, creatives require no learning curve to transfer their experience as they work between on-premise and the cloud in an integrated manner.

Specifically designed for live production, the operator experience remains the same regardless of distance from the processing without sacrifice on responsiveness and frame-accuracy. Just as Grass Valley has taken the broadcast industry through the paradigm-shattering transitions of analogue to digital, and digital to IP, the new rules of the GV Media Universe will successfully create a new future for the digital media industry.

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