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GV’s Kahuna 6400 is Dorna’s prized switcher at 2021 MotoGP events

DORNA Sports (Dorna), the commercial rights holder of the FIM MotoGP World Championships, will be producing shows for 19 MotoGP events in 15 countries during the course of the 2021 Grand Prix motorcycling season. And at the core of the live production workflow is the deployment of the Kahuna 6400 production switcher from Grass Valley, which will enable Dorna to manage a wide array of formats and feeds that typically challenge the production of moto racing events, including at the Grand Prix event in Portugal this month. 

With millions of racing fans tuning into MotoGP Grand Prix events annually, Dorna requires scalable solutions to meet viewer demand for a stunning-quality experience of the fast-paced live action. At every event, Dorna prized its core ability to manage different sources and feeds, with several partners requiring various formats and deliveries.

Integrated with FormatFusion3 technology, Kahuna M/Es support combinations of SD, HD, 1080p and 4K/Ultra HD (UHD), thus supporting the Dorna team with multiformat operations. Moreover, FormatFusion4 technology can support high dynamic range (HDR) conversion at M/E level, allowing operators to manage standard dynamic range (SDR) and HDR in parallel for live productions. 

With the Kahuna switcher, Dorna teams will be able to operate workflows across several separate locations, frequently spanning thousands of kilometres. Grass Valley pointed out that a frame could be used by teams, for example, at the Australia circuit, while another panel would be located and utilised by teams in the Dorna master control room in Barcelona, Spain, with “no delay or compromise on the quality” of the production workflow. 

Daniel Laviña, Technical Director of Dorna, concluded: “Production for the 2021 season will call for several special requirements due to the exigent conditions and technical challenges of producing live sporting events. Grass Valley’s solution provides our team with the assurance that it can reliably and flexibly handle these challenges, along with the operational capacity for remote production.” 


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