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Haivision Hub MCR a truly new versatile SaaS platform

In an attempt to streamline remote management to solve the challenge of production over mobile and IP networks, Haivision has launched a new SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. Haivision Hub MCR is a user-friendly cloud solution designed to seamlessly manage video transmitters, video encoders, receivers, users, and streams all from a single browser window. 

The goal of Haivision Hub MCR is to streamline master control room operations by providing comprehensive oversight and management of multiple concurrent contribution workflows in live broadcast, remote and cloud productions. To do this, Hub MCR enables device and live stream monitoring, easy pairing, configuration and control without the need to install any software.

By centralising the remote management of transmitters and encoders, cloud resources, and production facilities Haivision Hub provides both scalability and elasticity, making it ideal for decentralised remote production. Scale up or scale down – whether broadcasting a single event or multiple events simultaneously, Hub MCR can be easily adapted to meet demand.

“With Haivision Hub MCR, broadcasters can now easily manage any geographically distributed event from anywhere,” says Ronan Poullaouec, VP Engineering, Remote & Wireless Systems for Haivision. “Hub MCR enables broadcasters to produce more sports, news, and live event coverage while efficiently managing their resources and ensuring a great viewer experience.

“You can easily contribute live video over mobile networks and the internet with an intuitive user interface displaying all video sources and destinations in a single grid view.

“Moreover, you can remotely configure and control field units from one place, allowing on-site camera crews and remote talent to focus on capturing great live content — and you can also monitor and manage StreamHub receivers and decoders with access to real-time statistics and settings and routing feeds to SDI, NDI, ST-2110, SST, SRT, and other IP outputs.”

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