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HGC’s Eyeball-as-a-Service fuels OTT edge experience

HGC Global Communications (HGC), an ICT service provider and network operator, has launched Eyeball-as-a-Service (EaaS) in Singapore to help OTT operators and content providers expand their footprint. The move follows a successful implementation in Hong Kong.

With over 5.2 million users covered in total, the HGC EaaS service helps OTT operators such as eSports and media content providers reach nearly 100% of the internet eyeballs in Singapore, HGC said.

Complex technical and commercial arrangements are eliminated, so time-to-market can be reduced from months to weeks.

Riding on HGC’s IP transit network, HGC delivers optimised, direct local connections from the OTT operator’s edge servers to end-users with latency that significantly improves users’ quality of experience, the company said. Internal testing on the EaaS has yielded latency as low as 5ms in Singapore.

“Given the current market climate, we understand that OTTs want simplicity, flexibility, customisation and ultra-high performance,” said Dennis Chan, AVP – OTT, international Business, at HGC.

“The Eyeball-as-a-Service hub is unique in its nature (as) it not only dramatically reduces the complexity of expanding networks but also brings with it its affordable connectivity and a pioneering aggregator platform.”

Hong Kong and Singapore are HGC’s international connectivity hubs in Asia, with Singapore upgraded to a major Asian hub in January 2021. The company also shared plans to extend the service to more countries in Southeast Asia.


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