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Hitomi Broadcast Showcases Video Timing Solutions at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam

IBC 2023, an annual convention for the broadcast industry, brings together the best in media, entertainment, and technology. This year, amidst the bustling floor of the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center, a company named Hitomi Broadcast has garnered significant attention, particularly for its solutions on video timing.

Speaking with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+, Russell Johnson, the Director of Hitomi Broadcast, reflected on this year’s exhibition. “We’ve had a fantastic group of people come along. Most of the visitors that we’ve had have been people with serious buying power, which has been nice,” Johnson remarked. This speaks volumes to the seriousness of attendees, emphasizing the significance of the IBC in bringing together quality professionals.

At the core of Hitomi Broadcast’s showcase was their solution aimed at measuring lip sync and latency. For many, the frustration of misaligned sound and picture on television is a familiar grievance. However, beyond mere irritation for viewers, Russell explained, “Commercially, it’s quite a big deal. If your content hasn’t got proper timing on it, then people won’t pay for the advertising.”

To combat this issue, Hitomi Broadcast offers a system, not just to measure timing, but to also provide correction factors. Russell explained the company’s approach as, “Measure when it’s wrong, and then prove that it’s right.” By standardizing the measurement, Hitomi aims to eliminate subjective debates about lip sync, bringing objectivity and precision into the realm of video timing.

Though not a brand-new product, Johnson stressed that they’re continually evolving their system known as MatchBox. “Most of the large sporting events are lined up with MatchBox,” Johnson highlighted, showing the reach and trust the product has gained in its industry. What’s fresh, however, is their shift to smpte 2110 from the erstwhile SDI. In the age of digital transformation, Hitomi is not being left behind. Johnson confirmed, “We’re also bringing it into the cloud. So a software-only version, which could be deployed in AWS and other environments like that.” While they’re expanding into cloud solutions, they haven’t forgotten companies reluctant to make the leap. An on-premise, software-only version is also in the works, designed to cater to a broader audience.

In response to a query about the scalability of their product, Johnson mentioned that while a purchase is necessary in the SDI realm, their conversion system offers extensive scalability. With capabilities to measure between 100 and 1000 channels concurrently, it’s clear that Hitomi Broadcast is equipped to handle the demands of modern broadcasters, big or small.

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