HMX provides hyper-targeted, quality audiences at scale

Hooq, an OTT platform owned by Singapore’s Singtel, has formed the Hooq Media Exchange (HMX) with key telcos and in-app gaming operators in South-east Asia to offer highly targeted and premium advertising solutions.

The digital alliance includes Singtel, POKKT and Airtel. As part of the agreement, the partners will place their ad inventory into a common pool, allowing marketers and advertisers to tap into marketing networks in South-east Asia and India for their campaigns.


“This is an exciting time for the OTT space and the advertising industry. With HMX, marketers and advertisers can enjoy hyper-targeted, quality audiences at scale, and all within trusted environments,” said Vishal Dembla, chief commercial officer, HOOQ.


Dembla continued: “The strong partnership with Singtel, POKKT and Airtel provides programmatic buyers and their brands with premium, brand-safe choices.”  


Vaibhav Odhekar, co-founder of POKKT, a video monetisation company in India, said: “HMX is a great intersection of entertainment and gaming as it would allow advertisers to tap into the entire ecosystem in a holistic manner. With more than 2.4 billion mobile gamers worldwide, gaming remains to be the biggest category of apps.”


Odhekar added: “POKKT alone manages to tap into 300-plus million users in the South-east Asian market and with this alliance of premium publishers, advertisers are sure to receive highly targeted advertising solutions.”


Adarsh Nair, chief product officer, Bharti Airtel, a major telco based in India, commented: “The smartphone has become the most important screen in our lives and we believe initiatives such as HMX are a big leap towards building sustainable growth models for the OTT industry in a massive consumer market such as India.”


Indeed, with the advent of the smartphone, HMX is an innovative way to create hyper-personalised ad creatives and ‘hooq’ audience on the screen. HMX is also planning to explore strategic collaborations in programmatic features that evolve with advertiser needs.


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