Hong Kong’s Xiqu Centre relies on Clear-Com for communications support

Eclipse HX-Median intercom matrix and E-IPA IP interface card were among some of the solutions installed at the new arts theatre

At every live performance, instant and accurate communications play a critical role in making cues to happen exactly when they are supposed to take place. This criteria applies similarly to the Xiqu Centre for the Chinese Opera, a live performing arts theatre located at West Kowloon in Hong Kong, which has selected Clear-Com for communications between the Chinese Opera’s stage manager, lighting staff and audio staff. 

The Clear-Com’s systems installed at the new theatre include an Eclipse HX-Median intercom matrix, a 64-port E-IPA IP interface card, an E-DANTE64 64-channel Dante interface card, and a 12-channel HelixNet digital main station with support for up to 72 belt packs and headsets.

In addition to the main theatre for the Chinese Opera, the Clear-Com system is also being used in the venue’s public space and Lyrics Centre. 

According to a representative from the Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District, Clear-Com is selected for its ability in “delivering reliability, a high performance-to-cost ratio, and an integrated platform”. Furthermore, the E-IPA IP interface card in particular is able to be installed as an IP transceiver at any time and location within a network-accessible area, the representative added. “The quality is better compared to what we’ve had in the past.”

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