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How best can you build back better your workflow infrastructures?

Production companies all over the world have been working with multiple vendors providing a complex array of equipment and software — from network, storage, and compute infrastructure to editing software and ingest systems plus media asset management. With lockdowns caused by Covid-19 pandemic, broadcasters and media operators are now in critical need of more flexible, robust  and well-designed or cost-efficient integrated workflow infrastructures.

Throwing out the old and bring in the new or latest technologies is not only expensive but not the best solution.

Perhaps, finding a system integrator and consultancy provider that can integrate and enhance existing legacy systems to meet the new demands of broadcasting, content and post-production workflows would be a better solution — and one such company is Benchmark Broadcast.

“We’ve seen a surge in demand for complex remote production environments,” says Ashish Mukherjee, CEO of Benchmark Broadcast, adding that his staff have spent many years creating workflows for clients built around, among other software, Adobe Premiere Pro.

“And now as an Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video & Audio, Benchmark Broadcast has a way of showing customers that its years of Adobe experience will translate into effective integration and efficient media production.”

Adobe, in welcoming Benchmark as a Certified Service Partner, maintains that system integrators certified under this program are trained across three areas: support, workflow and system design, and software integration.

Mukherjee adds, “While Adobe is not new to us, the certification process is still very useful to our engineers as it’s our job to find the best solutions for each customer and fit them seemlessly in a way that brings together the best system for each client.”

Since its founding in 2006, Benchmark Broadcast has worked with some of the biggest broadcasters operating across the Indian sub-continent and South-east Asia. Indeed, with Adobe’s ACeSP certification, Benchmark is now able to offer a wider range of solutions to its media customers.

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This article was contributed by Benchmark

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