How can TV providers stay social?


The TV and media industry is undergoing a great period of change. The convergence of video, wireless and mobility has given rise to enormous content consumption on second-screen devices, transforming both established and emerging markets. At the same time, viewers are looking for ever more compelling and vibrant on-screen content that offers better service features, greater consistency, higher quality and more immersive viewing experiences.

In response to this demand, broadcasters and service providers are constantly looking for ways to engage with their audiences and meet consumer interests. Second-screen devices, such as mobiles and tablets, are now becoming the primary device for content consumption for many individuals. They can also be used to supplement and improve the existing linear TV experience.

A recent report published by Parks Associates, sponsored by MediaKind, shows that video consumption on mobile phones has increased by 55% between 2015 and 2017, while traditional linear TV viewing of live content in households has decreased by 60%. For TV providers, making the media experience as compelling and immersive as possible is critical for success today — and social video can do just this.

The real opportunity for TV providers is to find new ways to learn more about the consumer, their viewing needs and enable integration with social networks and pay-TV. In doing so, they can enhance content discovery and use audience data to provide a more relevant and personalised user experience. This same data can be used to help deliver advertising that is more relevant and timely — generating higher user engagement, churn and and unlocking new monetisation potential.

As consumers increasingly turn to second screen and over-the-top (OTT) viewing platforms, it is likely that integrating audience engagement with social will become paramount. Therefore, by providing high-quality, tailored mobile content which is focused towards individual user experiences, broadcasters and TV providers can play an influential role in enabling the industry to evolve and adapt to the next shift in the future of media.

Arun Bhikshesvaran is Chief Marketing Officer at MediaKind
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