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How to integrate & secure new+old servers to stay agile

Black Box recently secured and updated a Legacy KVM installation with Agility, a network-based solution, with which their customer was able to securely manage their server farm with a mixture of new and older servers.

The customer was aware that their existing ServSwitch Octet had limited expansion capacity and their large assortment of new and legacy Black Box equipment meant some of their infrastructure was no longer supported. To add to their concerns, they needed to update their existing network to maximise security, comply with tough standards, and improve workflows.

To accommodate the customer’s need for more computer and user ports, Black Box experts recommended Agility, a KVM over-IP system that supports VGA and digital video. Agility can be configured with strict user access rights and routes, which allowed the customer to also separate the servers with confidential information from the public systems.

This traffic router in combination with user authentication matched well with the customer’s security requirements, removing the need for a Secure KVM System in favour of a larger, scalable KVM over-IP system.

The Agility solution addressed the customer’s desire to use existing VGA monitors, while future proofing the system to support a wide range of video interfaces (DP, HDMI, DVI, VGA) on both user and server sides, including multi-monitor user consoles.

The customer had limited rack space, and Agility ZeroU Server Access Modules do not require additional rack space in the customer’s dense server farm.

The customer now is able to securely manage their server farm with a mixture of new and older servers. While the servers are securely locked in a server room, the customer can access them from different workplaces. Multiple users can collaborate by working simultaneously on selected target servers.

With their enhanced KVM solution, the client improved response times during crucial situations with new streamlined workflows and operations providing a much better overview of their system with faster server access.


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