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How TV operators in Asia can create new OTT revenue streams

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More and more TV operators and content owners worldwide are turning towards incorporating over-the-top (OTT) services into their offering to harness new business opportunities, with Asia being no exception. 

The possibilities of broadening the catalogue and channels while offering a multiscreen entertainment experience to viewers wherever they go, have placed advanced technology OTT platforms in high demand. However, these also come at the risk of growing users’ frustration, as they see themselves browsing through infinite catalogues and swapping between different apps to find the content they seek. 

When moving towards launching an OTT service, Quality of Experience (QoE) remains a differentiator, unifying a user’s experience throughout the operator’s offering, which can become widely enriched with a super-aggregation strategy. Thanks to OTT platforms’ capability of integrating different content providers, super-aggregation allows viewers to enjoy and access all of their favourite content in one place, turning the operator’s platform into their entertainment hub of choice.  

Enabling a top-of-the-class QoE and boosting super-aggregation are just the first steps to embrace the potential of personalisation of the user’s viewing experience and incorporate innovations such as targeted ad insertion and personalised TV content, unbarring hybrid advertising strategies targeting specific content consumption. 

To tackle how to navigate the challenges and secure the opportunities of bridging the gap between traditional TV and pure OTT services, industry leaders ATEME and Mirada are coming together to analyse how to succeed in offering the best of both worlds. On 27 May at 3 pm Singapore time, ATEME CSO Rémi Beaudouin and Mirada CEO José Luis Vázquez will participate in a strategy panel discussion focused on the Asian TV market’s current opportunities and how local and regional operators can successfully unlock them. 

Click here to register for free to discover how TV operators can create new revenue streams and significantly improve ARPU by placing content and personalisation at the core of their OTT strategy. 

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