How WHATS’ON was used during 2018 FIFA World Cup


During the build up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, one of our clients, A+E Networks UK/HISTORY, used WHATS’ON, the broadcast management system by MEDIAGENIX, to create a special pop-up channel, which scheduled football-related programming. The channel was configured and ready to go within a few hours and ran for 14 days. This allowed the customer to focus dedicated content on a targeted event for a specific period of time.

This is a perfect example of how WHATS’ON enables media companies to create and remove channels at the drop of a hat. With efficient management of multiple versions and channels, WHATS’ON can also help them faultlessly connect the right audience to the right (localised) content version.

Several MEDIAGENIX customers scheduled their 2018 FIFA World Cup coverage over both linear and non-linear channels with WHATS’ON, adapting their content to the destination communication devices, in a technical way, but also from an editorial point of view. For instance, the Facebook story format is not the long-form format on a website or a connected TV.

Two years ago, merging linear and non-linear management, WHATS’ON became the only true transmedia content lifecycle management solution, managing the linear, on-demand and digital world with the same flexibility, power and error checking options.

WHATS’ON simply treats video-on-demand (VoD) publications the same way as linear transmissions, be it with VoD-specific fields such as (online) categories, price codes and the publication end-date.

Read the full story in the APB Aug 2018 issue.

Johan Vanmarcke is managing director, MEDIAGENIX APAC.
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