Huawei connects families in Dubai and abroad with 5G HD video live broadcast

As the 2019 Novel Coronavirus peaked during the Lunar New Year, Huawei is bridging the connectivity gap between families with its 5G commercial network to broadcast Spring Festival Celebration live in HD. This marks the first live broadcast of China Media Group’s highly anticipated event of the year using a 5G network.

With an average upload speed of 80Mbit/s HD video stream, the network enables residents in Dubai to live broadcast their New Year greetings in HD mode digitally, narrowing the distance between families of different continents.

 “As the media and video industry evolves towards HD, multi-angle, and highly interactive experience, the media industry will have increasing requirements for mobile high-bandwidth transmission networks,” said Huawei in an announcement.

The commercial network adopts Huawei 5G Base Station, 5G CPEs and 5G Mi-Fi to support wide coverage, large bandwidth, and low latency. It can also enable collaborative live broadcasting, signal backhaul, and remote command and dispatch across multiple locations, while HD video streams can be transmitted to the studio in real time by 5G instead of deploying optical fibres, microwave transmission systems, or a satellite broadcast vehicle.

Furthermore, the 5G network simplifies the transmission of HD video signals, and the mobile phone-sized 5G Mi-Fi that weighs only 180g enables flexibility in live broadcasting.

Indeed, the proliferation of 5G will lead to new verticals in the media industry and allow media operators to offer near zero-latency streaming and highly engaging viewing experience.


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