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Huawei: Build trust via verification

The opening ceremony of Huawei’s Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels, Belgium, was attended by regulators — including representatives from the European Union, the GSMA, and the World Economic Forum — alongside other government agencies, technical experts, telecom carriers, enterprises and the media. What’s the raison d’etre for Huawei establishing the centre in Europe?

Trust in cybersecurity is a major challenge that the world faces in the digital era, declared Ken Hu, deputy chairman of Huawei, at the opening of the centre. He emphasised: “Trust needs to be based on facts, facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards.

“We believe that this — Cyber Security Transparency Centre — is an effective model to build trust for the digital era.”

Acknowledging the need for trust and transparency, Peter Kouroumbashev, member of the European Parliament, added: “With its new mandate, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) will be empowered with new technical capabilities … and this is an excellent opportunity to work on a cybersecurity certification scheme for 5G that could be applicable worldwide.

“Moreover, in order to avoid fragmentation across the European Union, we need to have privacy by design, not privacy by country, for ICT products and services in Europe.”

Huawei has set out three major functions for establishing the Cyber Security Transparency Centre. The first is to showcase the company’s cybersecurity practices — from strategies and supply chain to R&D and products and solutions — and this, according to the company, will allow visitors to experience cybersecurity with Huawei’s products and solutions, in areas including 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud.

The centre will also facilitate communication between Huawei and its stakeholders on cybersecurity strategies, and security and privacy protection practices.

The company has expressed its desire to work alongside industry partners to explore and promote the development of security standards and verification mechanisms, to support technological innovation in cybersecurity across the industry.

And last but not least, the centre will provide a product security testing and verification platform and services to all Huawei customers.

“I believe that good solutions to solve the issue start from mutual understanding, which is the purpose we set up the transparency centre.

“We welcome all regulators, standards organisations, and customers to use this platform to collaborate more closely on security standards, verification mechanism, and security technology innovation,” said Hu.

“Together, we can improve security along the entire value chain and help build trust through verification.” 


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