Non-intrusive binge ad experience?

Besides announcing the company’s continued growth, Hulu also unveiled a new “non-intrusive” binge advertising experience.

During the Hulu ’19 Presentation at The Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden this May, Hulu, the over-the-top (OTT) service provider founded in 2008, announced its total customer base has grown to more than 28 million – 26.8 million monthly paid subscribers, and 1.3 million promotional accounts.

Randy Freer, CEO of Hulu, said: “In today’s direct-to-consumer world, viewers are demanding better services when it comes to TV – from the user experience to their content choices to the advertising.”

As part of Hulu’s viewer-first approach to advertising, Hulu announced it will be increasing its investment in “non-intrusive” ad formats with a new binge advertising experience.

According to Hulu, the new format will make it possible for marketers to target binge viewers with a creative that is “situationally relevant” to their viewing behaviour.

The binge advertising experience is the second format in Hulu’s suite of situational advertising solutions available to marketeers this year. Hulu has also announced it will expand the availability of its “pause ad experience” beginning in August.

Calling this a monumental time for Hulu’s advertising business, Peter Naylor, the company’s senior vice-president and head of advertising sales, said: “Because of our viewer-first advertising principles, we’re scaling rapidly; we’re offering advertisers the most sophisticated targeting, the largest addressable footprint in on-demand TV, robust measurement solutions, and new ad models.

“Hulu is future-proofing TV advertising and transforming the way brand connect with consumers.”


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