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Hulu taps Bitmovin to keep the bits moving efficiently

Hulu in Japan (HJ), a collaboration with PLAY Inc and a leader in online video streaming service, is leveraging Bitmovin’s encoding technology to deliver high-quality video to all kind of devices at a highly optimised bitrates.

The solution was delivered by Bitmovin’s technical support team and Japanese system integrator Itochu Cable Systems (ICS).

To ensure that subscribers are receiving the best possible video quality at the lowest possible bitrate, HJ has adopted Bitmovin’s cutting-edge Per-Title, 3-Pass and Multi-Codec encoding technologies.

Due to the agile nature of its innovative APIs and products, Bitmovin’s Per-Title encoding technology allows contextual adjustment of the resolution and bitrate ladder of each piece of content. This will ensure that the video quality is consistent across the entire platform, and only the essential bitrates are sent to meet the target.

These features enable HJ to offer faster content on the platform and improve picture quality.  Through lowering of origin storage and CDN delivery bills, the operational costs are significantly reduced.

Bitmovin 3-Pass encoding, on the other hand,  is able to realise an average bitrate reduction of 10%-15% over a standard single or multi-pass encode without any reduction in video quality. This is made possible as the encoding process starts with a rapid high-level analysis of identifying appropriate encoding settings as well as pre- and post-processing steps required for each part of the video.

The combination of the two bespoke encoding technologies allows the entire library to be optimised for every piece of content on every device, leading to a hyper-bandwidth-efficient workflow and deployment of multiple codecs for HJ.

“Hulu is home to a library of world-class content in Japan, and we are always striving to ensure that the online experience matches it.

“Bitmovin is helping us to achieve that through its Per-Title, 3-Pass and Multi-Codec encoding technologies which allow us to deliver the highest video quality for our customers.

“Thanks to Bitmovin, we can continue to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering an enhanced viewing experience while reducing costs,” said a spokesperson for HJ and PLAY Inc.”

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