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IABM champions ‘lightbulb’ moment to form diversity & inclusion group

IABM is forming an industry-wide Diversity Action Group with the aim of championing diversity and inclusion in the broadcast, media and entertainment industry. The new initiative by IABM will also provide a forum for Diversity Action group members to share knowledge, experiences and best practices to drive change and equal opportunity for all.

The decision to form Diversity Action follows the Big Debate session which closed the recent IABM BaM Live! event, where leaders from a number of national and international diversity organisations debated ‘Getting to grips with diversity in Broadcast, Media & Entertainment’.

Peter White, CEO of IABM, explained, “Almost as soon as the Big Debate started, I could sense a shared ‘lightbulb’ moment where it became obvious to all the participants that collaboration between their organisations would be immensely beneficial in accelerating diversity and inclusion globally. 

“With its international reach and membership, and commitment to connecting and informing the entire global industry, IABM is ideally placed to be the fulcrum of that collaboration – the champion of diversity. “

Leading the initiative will be Lisa Collins, Head of Management Engagement and IABM’s Diversity Champions, and Lucinda Meek, CFO of IABM and Chair of Diversity Action. Meek shared that IABM will be proactively seeking committed individuals and organisations from around the world to take advantage of Diversity Action for the exchange of experiences and best practices.

“We will shortly be convening the first of what we envisage to be regular meetings of Diversity Action, hosted on our new BaM Zone platform,” she concluded.

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