One of the major attractions of IPE’s EMU3 IP MDU is that it allows out-of-office access to all products connected to the unit.

IBC2017: Argosy to show off its intelligent power management

Argosy, a supplier of broadcast cables and infrastructure products, is bringing a full range of flexible and customised power management solutions designed to address a vast range of broadcast applications where power and resource savings are crucial.

The mix of power management solutions on show at booth 10.C51 includes passive and active intelligent products from Argosy, ATEN, IPE and TSL Products, and offers customers a vast range of options to pick from to meet their exact requirements — from standard and sequential power to change-over, 32-amp and intelligent power.

Argosy said its offerings will attract broadcast engineers who need to keep stations and channels on-air; building services managers tasked with managing access restrictions, admin rights and staff alerts; asset managers mapping out infrastructure architecture and deploying labelling sensors; and system designers balancing equipment location decisions against space and power consumption demands.

“Argosy has been moving deeper into the realm of ‘active’ and ‘intelligent’ power management solutions, as demonstrated by a variety of market collaborations, including our recent partnerships with Ensemble Designs and IPE,” says Daniel Hinton, regional manager, Argosy Europe.

“Now, Argosy offers active as well as passive solutions, value-add services as well as products, and is an exclusive reseller as well as a manufacturer of high-quality broadcast infrastructure solutions. By taking this approach, we are continually strengthening our own in-house expertise within the wider broadcast infrastructure domain in order to offer our customers the very best service.”

Part of the company’s IBC2017 offerings include the EMU line of IP-based mains distribution units (MDUs) by IPE. Argosy recently became the exclusive distributor of the range within Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

One of the major attractions of IPE’s EMU3 IP MDU is that it allows out-of-office access to all products connected to the unit. Engineers can access their equipment round-the-clock and can manage and restart the units while working from home, from a remote office or abroad. The MDU also enables dormant equipment to be switched on or off as needed for power management and energy-saving purposes — a particular concern of unmanned disaster recovery sites.

Hinton adds: “Intelligent power management offers confidence monitoring in all areas, as it offers features such as sensor feedback, health status updates and alerts on potential failures before they actually happen, such as GPI alarms. It’s about ensuring that you can monitor and therefore manage your systems at all times.”

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