CatDV, Square Box Systems' media asset management (MAM) solution, empowers small-, medium- and large-scale enterprises to repurpose and monetise millions of assets with ease and efficiency.

IBC2017: Square Box to feature MAM solutions

This month at IBC2017, Square Box Systems is highlighting its media asset management (MAM) system, CatDV.

A solution that promises to accelerate collaborative MAM operations, the CatDV can also empower small-, medium- and large-scale enterprises to repurpose and monetise millions of assets with ease and efficiency.

Aside from CatDV, Square Box is also featuring the following:

CatDV Enterprise Server 7 Supporting Web 2.2 — Delivering even greater firepower for collaborative enterprise deployments, the CatDV Enterprise Server 7.2 now includes more powerful configuration options, as well as enhanced support for Web and intranet deployments. New features include a live logger, frame-accurate video playback, dynamic sub-clip trimming and download, and sharing of groups of clips.

Worker 7 with support for Linux, Windows and Mac environments — Worker 7 is company’s new workflow automation solution for CatDV MAM deployments. With full support for Linux, Windows and Mac environments, Worker 7 makes CatDV a “highly compelling” option for large-scale enterprise users that need to manage huge volumes of assets in virtualised or cloud environments.

CatDV 12 — A major step forward in the ongoing evolution of the CatDV product line, CatDV 12 features an updated and streamlined user experience, along with native support for Square Box Systems’ recently introduced Server 7. In addition, CatDV 12 now includes enhanced support for audio files, offering an advanced waveform display, VU (volume unit) meters, and the ability to handle more audio tracks.

CatDV Javascript Extensions — The all-new Javascript extensions are said to make CatDV even more extensible and customisable in Worker 7 and the system’s Web and desktop clients. Apart from enabling customised field validation, the extensions are able to set metadata based on other metadata, as well as establish sophisticated relationships between fields. For instance, it can be used to show different actions for different sports such as goals and free kicks for soccer or touchdowns for American football.

More solutions from Square Box will be displayed at booth 7.J38.

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