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IBM Industry 4.0 Studio will accelerate region’s formulation of 5G test cases

A facility that will combine 5G connectivity with artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid cloud and edge computing capabilities to develop and test innovative solutions for enterprises across the Asia Pacific region has been established in Singapore.

Called IBM Industry 4.0 Studio, the facility is combining Samsung’s standalone 5G network solutions and mobile devices with IBM’s hybrid cloud, edge computing, and AI technologies with M1 rendering engineering and network services expertise in the designing and integration of 5G standalone (SA) solutions and formulation of 5G test cases to meet government regulatory requirements.

Built on Red OpenShift, the Industry 4.0 use cases employ IBM’s AI solutions for visual and acoustic analysis and augmented reality technologies. This technology has already been used for sports broadcasting.

The first AI-edited basketball highlight reel, created with IBM AI technology in seconds from 200 hours of footage, made its debut via Tencent Sports’ online video streaming platform in June 2018. In 2019, IBM used AI systems that analysed player reactions, crowd excitement levels and gameplay statistics to compile highlights from Wimbledon within two minutes of completion of a match.

“With 5G, consumers are certainly excited about immersive media — deeply engaging, multi-sensory digital experiences, made possible by virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 360-degree video.

“An IBM study shows 57% of surveyed consumers are excited about UHD (ultra-high-definition) video streaming over 5G; 55% are enthusiastic about music and concerts that include augmented reality (AR) experiences; and 49% of eSports enthusiasts would switch to a 5G network once it’s available, even if not currently eligible for a phone upgrade,” said Ng Chiang Choon, General Manager, IBM Manufacturing Solutions.

“This facility is certainly going to shape new experiences in video streaming, immersive media, and eSports, which will bring immense value to the media and entertainment industry.”

Brenda Harvey, General Manager, IBM APAC, added: “5G presents an enormous opportunity for enterprises to drive new value and transform their operations to harness the next era of industrial connectivity.

“This project builds on IBM’s long-standing strategic partnership with Samsung, and a shared vision with M1 and IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority), to help businesses tap into emerging hybrid cloud and AI technologies that will define their future success. 

“It is crucial these businesses have an opportunity to test and evaluate these technological investments, and we are committed to working shoulder to shoulder with them to ensure they make the best decisions that will truly propel their businesses forward.” 

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