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If Lynx Technik’s Green Machine is too hot, cool down with some ice-cream

The greenMachine, launched for the first time in Asia by Lynx Technik (booth 4M5-01) is a new concept of a video and audio processing platform. The German company provides modular interfaces for broadcast and professional AV signal processing applications

“It is not just a multi-purpose processing platform; it is a new way of thinking,” says Lynx Technik’s product manager, Varun Patel. “It is fitted with the powerful greenGUI software, and is reconfigurable.

“The processing hardware is a generic processing unit with a certain set of inputs and outputs, and processing power. By installing different constellations (configuration of processing features), the greenMachine can be used for many different applications.”

Patel claims that the greenMachine can be used as a standalone processor or as a system processor that is controlled and monitored either by the greenGUI software or via a third-party master control software.

The greenMachine Static HDR solution provides a powerful conversion and processing tool to ensure that the rich and high dynamic range (HDR) imagery and enhanced colour gamut captured from HDR cameras is delivered to the end-user viewing audience.

“In order to address the increasing consumer demand for exceptional quality content, many media professionals are implementing HDR solutions into their workflows, utilising image sensors and cameras that inherently support wider density and colour ranges,” Patel explains.

“HDR provides viewers with enhanced contrast and increased brightness and more vibrant colour, resulting in a far superior image when compared to current standard HD and some 4K UHD signals.”

The greenMachine HDR Converter is universal and adaptive in that it supports real-time static HDR conversion between SDR and HDR, HDR and SDR, as well as between different HDR standards.

In simple terms, it accomplishes this with sophisticated algorithms and by automatically applying colour and contrast corrections across the specified images and content to deliver greatly enhanced images.

“The real flexibility and beauty of greenMachine is that users can easily re-task the greenMachine by picking a configuration depending on their immediate application and requirements,” says Patel.

“So, if HDR conversion is required on one day, yet test signal generation is required on another day, users can simply reprogram their greenMachine, using the control panel or green GUI software application.”

Users can “try before they buy”, by installing all fully functional Constellations on their greenMachine to give them a test run. The watermarked output will be removed once a licence is purchased.


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