iFit post-production workflow running in good shape

Icon Health & Fitness, an exercise equipment manufacturer, has upgraded its Facilis system to meet increasing demands for collaborative editing workflow of its video content that enables its Icon Fitness team to manage the company’s commercials and marketing materials

As a manufacturer of exercise equipment, Icon Health & Fitness has combined fitness and technology to create iFit, a video-based coaching platform that connects with the company’s machines and offers video content to bring personal trainers and varied fitness environments into customers’ homes.

Responsible for creating the iFit content is the Icon Fitness team, which also manages the commercials and marketing materials for the different brands. 

The team initially purchased a 40TB Facilis system in 2012 to meet the demand for video media and the amount of data required over the Icon 1GB Ethernet connection. As the company continued to grow, the Icon team decided to purchase a system that could manage the team’s collaborative editing workflow that covers up to 10 editors on individual workstations editing simultaneously. 

Icon then purchased a new TerraBlock 24EX with two TX16 expansion chassis for a total of 320TB to manage the increased content creation demand for the iFit brand. The marketing department further invested in a new 192TB 24EX system. All workstations are connected via an 8GB fibre channel to the storage network for the required performance. 

Ryan Humpherys, head of Post Production for the Icon Fitness marketing department, and his team manage the marketing and social media campaigns. The team either shoots at the in-house studio or on location, with all post production taking place at its headquarters.

“We go all over the world and film trainers coaching from many different locations and environments,” Humpherys explained. “The video coach might tell you that he or she is going to increase the incline or change the speed, and we programme the equipment to respond in perfect sync with the video which makes for a very immersive workout experience.” 

The team utilises 48-core Lenovo PC workstations with dual graphic cards to power the full Adobe CC suite. Additionally, Humpherys completes his colouring works on DaVinci Resolve, which is compatible with the Facilis system. 

He further revealed that the team shoots using an ARRI Alexa Mini at 4K/UHD, or on Red cameras at 5K or 6K. The team then edits the footage natively, without transcoding or making proxies on the Facilis system.

He added: “With an 8GB fibre channel connections to each workstation, we get about 500Mbps on each workstation; it’s like having an internal SSD.

“When we’re pushing around 4K/UHD or 6K content, it makes it really seamless to edit, move around the timeline, and copy files.” 


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