iflix seals win-win Indonesian deal

Having secured partnerships with Mediacorp and Media Prima last month, iflix has announced Indonesia’s MNC as its latest investor

iflix, an over-the-top (OTT) service provider based in Malaysia, has established a strategic partnership with MNC (PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk), an Indonesian integrated media company. This alliance is said to “significantly enhance” iflix content programming mix, and further strengthen its Indonesian local content strategy.

The partnership will allow iflix to procure 10,000 hours of content from MNC’s top programmes for streaming on iflix just hours following their TV broadcast, bringing Indonesian TV online in full episodes, for online viewing. All iflix viewers in Indonesia will now have access to MNC’s popular titles, including Dunia Terbalik, Cinta Yang Hilang, and Top Tukang Okej Pengkolan.

Mark Britt, co-founder and group CEO of iflix, said: “Indonesia continues to be an incredibly important market for iflix, and MNC’s influence and resources in the industry are a powerful advantage for us in the execution of our strategy as we continue to cement our leadership as a digital entertainment service in Indonesia.”

MNC’s portfolio spans across several verticals, including four national free-to-air TV stations which accounts for 46% share of Indonesia’s ad-based TV, in addition to 20 subscription-based channels as well as radio network and print media.

This partnership is further deepened with MNC’s investment in iflix, and the appointment of David Fernando Audy, CEO of MNC, to iflix’s Advisory Board. Audy elaborated: “MNC has always looked for ways to monetise our content, and we are delighted to partake in the fast-growing pie of digital monetisation by partnering with iflix. At the same time, we also chose to invest equity in iflix because we believe that the company will grow significantly in the near future.” 

Earlier this April, iflix has sealed landmark partnerships with two South-east Asian broadcasters — one with Singapore terrestrial broadcaster Mediacorp, and another with Media Prima, a Malaysian integrated media company. The partnership with Mediacorp will pave way for more than 500 hours worth of its locally-produced English and Chinese language content to be enjoyed by iflix subscribers.

And the partnership with Media Prima will see its content available on iflix for free, one hour following their linear TV broadcast, to offer viewers an on-demand experience. In addition to catch-up TV, Media Prima will make more than 1,000 hours of content from its library available via a dedicated tonton branded channel on iflix’s platform to enhance Malaysia’s local content offering.

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