iflix leveraging Migo’s online-to-offline video player to gain millions of eyeballs

The partnership aims to expand digital access to low- and middle-income Indonesians, thus opening up a new segment for iflix’s content.

Migo widens the methods of viewing video for end-users, allowing them to choose the channel that best suits their needs and budget.

Apart from providing last-mile delivery to emerging markets, Migo also operates an online-to-offline video player that allows iflix brand partners to initiate sponsored and promotional campaigns to limited connectivity consumers that were previously hard to reach.

Scheduled to launch in Q1 2020, Migo Indonesia will feature iflix content alongside other carefully curated films and TV series from Indonesia, the South-east Asian region, and beyond. The addition of iflix content allows Migo to focus on its unique position in the value chain, as an offline data distributor targeting low-ARPU consumers with national retail reach and a cost-efficient structure.

Patrick Grove, iflix’s co-founder and group chairman, said: “Migo’s technology is transformative for data distribution in emerging markets.

“We see today’s partnership in Indonesia as just the first step to bringing iflix content to hundreds of millions of customers in other critical markets, from the Philippines to Myanmar to Bangladesh and beyond.”

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