iflix Group's Mark Britt: iflix's collaboration with Football Malaysia LLP to live stream local football is more than just a traditional rights deal — it is a game changer.

iflix streaming live football to ASEAN fans

JOHOR BAHRU – South-east Asia is one of the regions in the world where you can find some of the most vociferous and passionate support for football, or soccer, depending on where you hail from.

To keep up with this insatiable appetite for football, subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) service iflix has announced a joint venture with Football Malaysia LLP to bring live streaming of local football to a new Football Malaysia on iflix channel.

This collaboration, according to Mark Britt, iflix Group’s co-founder and CEO, should be regarded not as a traditional rights deal, but a game changer. He explained to APB: “We have set out to re-envision sports entertainment for fans. It is an enormous long-term undertaking in resources and logistics, which requires brave thinking and visionary people to execute.

“Together, we aim to demo­cratise game, and make football available for the first time to fans, regardless of their geographical locations or financial status, and reconnect Malaysians throughout the country with one of their great loves — football.”

The collaboration with Football Malaysia LLP comes on the heels of a similar deal in Indonesia last year, where iflix is working with free-to-air broadcaster tvOne to stream live local football.

And perhaps this is just the beginning, as Britt believes that the rise of the Internet, along with mobile device adoption, has led to a “huge shift” in consumer behaviour. “Over the next few years, we will see unparalleled growth in media streaming, and by 2020, 75% of all mobile data traffic will be video,” he added. “What this translates to is that every one of those millions of smartphones can be, and will be used as a personal TV set for people to watch whatever entertainment they want.”

Arguably, live sports will be the jewel in the crown, particularly when the big boys circle. Amazon reportedly is ready to disrupt the traditional pay-TV ecosystem of sports by bidding for the rights to stream the wildly popular English Premier League — alongside Face­book.

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