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IHSE launches new ICET programme

Aimed at supporting end-users’ needs, the IHSE Channel Enhancement and Transformation (ICET) programme will also allow IHSE to develop KVM solutions for the future

The IHSE Channel Enhancement and Transformation (ICET) programme is an initiative launched by IHSE, a keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions provider, to improve the service and communication with its global customer and end-user base. Working alongside the IHSE channel partners, the programme aims to “better fulfil immediate requirements” of end-users, and develop KVM solutions for the future. 

Dr Enno Littmann, CEO of IHSE, commented: “The ICET programme has been developed in conjunction with our key partners to achieve benefits for all parties through a range of initiatives. End-user requirements can be addressed directly and solutions found rapidly. Global partnerships and accounts will be managed centrally, but delivered locally to achieve worldwide consistency that still retains local support.” 

KVM systems have been installed at the heart of every computer installation, and are integrated into other business and industrial workflows. For IHSE, its KVM systems have been adopted in a wide spectrum of applications: in offices, airport control towers, on ships and harbour control stations, control rooms for national power grids and transport networks, car design and production centres, and in broadcast studios globally. 

To meet the requirements of these industries, IHSE — with the support and assistance of its global network of partners — is keen to engage in direct dialogue with end-users, said the company. This applies at all corporate levels, from engineering and support to product management, as well as sales and marketing. 

Dr Littmann added: “In addition, and something that is crucial to our position as a global KVM technology leader, is that the future requirements of the most creative and progressive users will help to fashion our product development plans and product roadmap. This will enable us to remain at the forefront of KVM system design and manufacture.

“The programme will deliver even better levels of end-user support, on a global basis to ensure that IHSE KVM systems continue to operate with reliability in mission-critical installations.” 


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