IHSE’s new KVM extender for display installations makes its debut

Designed for displays equipped with the OPS+ slot, the new Draco OPS+ KVM extender delivers video signals up to 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 resolution

KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) supplier IHSE has launched the Draco next-generation open pluggable specification (OPS+) KVM extender, which is designed for use in display installations equipped with the OPS+ slot.

Providing single-wire connection from remote media players and source devices to screens from different workstations, the new Draco OPS+ supports the transmission of video signals up to 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 resolution over distances of up to 140m with Cat X cable or multi-mode fibre, or 10km with single-mode fibre.

When deployed with an additional KVM matrix switch, networks of screens can be controlled, delivering content to designated displays. USB data is also supported, allowing the deployment of touch- and gesture-controlled screens and cameras.

Mark Hempel, head of product management at IHSE, elaborated: “System maintenance, reliability and security are greatly improved by locating the source devices in environmentally controlled secure areas, rather than at the screen location, where it is often very difficult or expensive to reach them.

“The unit plugs into the OPS+ slot, thereby removing the need to install an additional box at the screen location, together with the additional power and wiring.”

IHSE is exhibiting the Draco OPS+ KVM extender, alongside its portfolio of KVM solutions, at booth 10-P148 at the Integrated System Europe (ISE) 2017 trade show, which is taking place from February 7-10 at RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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