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Ikegami Electronics Asia-Pacific Introduces 4K Livestyle Camera at BroadcastAsia Show 2023

Ikegami Electronics, a leading provider of professional camera solutions, unveiled its latest highlight product, a 4K livestyle camera, at the BroadcastAsia Show 2023 held in Singapore. The camera is specifically designed to cater to live sport events, offering high-quality footage for broadcast. During an interview with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ at the event, Yasunori Kanno, President of Ikegami Electronics Asia-Pacific, provided insights into the company’s new offering.

He emphasized that the 4K camera not only serves as a standard camera but also provides high frame rates over the IP network, making it a versatile solution for broadcasters. “We are excited to showcase our 4K livestyle camera at BroadcastAsia. Our latest highlight solution offers the convenience of cableless connections through the use of IP networks,” said Kanno.

In addition to the camera itself, Ikegami Electronics also presented a new CCU (Camera Control Unit) that can be connected via IP, simplifying the setup process and further enhancing the user experience. This innovative feature allows for seamless integration and easier operation during live broadcasts. When asked about their target customers, Kanno explained that Ikegami Electronics is currently promoting the product to production houses in Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Indonesia, covering the entire Asia-Pacific region.

The company aims to provide its cutting-edge camera solutions to a wide range of customers in the broadcasting industry. “We believe our 4K livestyle camera and CCU will be well-received by our customers in Asia-Pacific. We have tailored our products to meet the demands of production houses in this region,” Kanno added. While discussing the global reach of their products, Kanno mentioned that Ikegami Electronics introduces the same high-quality solutions worldwide, as production houses around the world require consistent quality and reliable equipment to deliver top-notch content to their audiences.

The Ikegami Electronics booth at BroadcastAsia showcased their complete lineup of professional camera solutions, including the 4K livestyle camera and CCU. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence was evident throughout the event, attracting industry professionals and potential customers from various countries. With their latest introduction at BroadcastAsia Show 2023, Ikegami Electronics aims to establish itself as a leading provider of cutting-edge camera technology in the Asia-Pacific region.

By offering versatile and high-performance solutions, the company hopes to facilitate seamless live broadcasting experiences for production houses and elevate the overall quality of sports events coverage. “We are confident that our new camera and CCU will provide a game-changing experience for broadcasters, enabling them to capture and deliver live sports events in stunning 4K resolution,” concluded Kanno.

The BroadcastAsia Show 2023 provided a platform for industry leaders and professionals to explore the latest advancements and trends in the broadcasting and media industry. Ikegami Electronics’ participation in the event demonstrated their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and addressing the evolving needs of the broadcasting sector.

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