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Ikegami empowers Re:LIVE Productions to create multiple-format content

Singapore’s Re:LIVE Productions, formerly known as Pufferfish Productions, is a provider of creative video, event management and live streaming services, and recently invested in three Ikegami UHK-X700 4K-UHD camera systems. 

In addition to the cameras, the new purchase includes three BSX-100 base stations, OCP-300 operating control panels and full-HD VFL701D 7-inch LCD viewfinders, plus a 2-inch monocular VFL201D. These will be used in Re:LIVE Productions’ studio projects, as well as being made available as part of their rental fleet.

Yasunori Kanno, President of Ikegami APAC, said, “Re:LIVE Productions has operated Ikegami HDK-55 camera systems successfully for the past five years. For this new order, Re:Live Productions chose the UHK-X700 cameras as part of an upgrade to 1080p 50/60 high definition.

“The UHK-X700 systems also provide the resources to create content in multiple formats to match a wide range of customer requirements.”

Established in 2008 as Pufferfish, Re:LIVE Productions offers a wide range of services, including the production of television advertisements, broadcast and corporate video creation, event coverage, live feeds, post production, remastering and online streaming. 

Ikegami UHK-X700 cameras are designed for broadcast-quality video production and live streaming applications. They can be pedestal-mounted, tripod-mounted or operated over the shoulder. 

Each camera incorporates three latest-generation 2/3-inch CMOS 4K sensors with global shutters to eliminate rolling-shutter distortion and flash-banding artefacts. Full support is provided for high dynamic range (HDR) imagery with hybrid log-gamma (HLG) or standard dynamic range (SDR), as well as the ability to choose between BT.2020 and BT.709 chroma spaces independently. 

High-frame-rate shooting at up to double real-time in 4K or up to eightfold real-time in HD is possible as an option for applications such as capturing fast motion in sport or stage events.

When combined with the Ikegami BSX-100 base station, the UHK-X700 supports simultaneous output in 4K-UHD and in HD video formats such as 1080p, 1080i or 720p, including mixed sources. 4K-UHD video is available as a 12G-SDI feed directly from the camera head, allowing the UHK-X700 to be integrated into a remotely operated system.

The BSX-100 enables the transportation of separate video, audio and metadata as independent IP multicast streams via an optional SMPTE 2110 plug-in Binary Media over IP (MoIP) unit.

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