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Ikegami HDK-73 3-CMOS wins Oman TV’s trust and local support

Oman TV has integrated Ikegami’s HDK-73 3-CMOS high dynamic range camera systems plus a Hi-Motion II slow-motion camera into a recently enhanced outside broadcast (OB) production vehicle. Operating from Oman TV’s headquarters in Muscat, the newly enhanced OB vehicle will be deployed for live coverage of sports, cultural as well as news-related events throughout the sultanate.

According to Oman TV, the HDK-73’s ability to capture high dynamic range video has “particularly strong potential” for OB production where camera operators have to handle a very high difference in brightness between sunlit sky and shaded areas of locations such as sports arenas.

Ikegami provided six HDK-73 cameras, which can be pedestal mounted for use with long-range telescopic lenses, tripod mounted in specific locations, or shoulder-mounted for informal close-ups such as interviews with players. Oman TV has also integrated Ikegami BS-98 optical-fibre transmission links to OCP-300 operator control panels inside the OB vehicle.

Supplementing the HDK-73 cameras is the Ikegami Hi-Motion II slow-motion camera, which allows Oman TV to capture images at up to 1,000 frames per second for slow-motion replay, and provides full remote control plus flicker-suppression and paint.

Asim Saeed, Business Development Manager, Ikegami, said, “As a company, we are committed to ensuring that any investment in our cameras helps broadcasters adapt to shifting broadcast market dynamics with the flawless addition of new products.

“Ikegami has deep knowledge of the markets which it serves and has built up a strong foundation of customer trust by providing high quality products and local support.”

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