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Imagine in just 1RU fitted with SNP you get 8 UHD conversion channels?

Imagine Communications has supplied Selenio Network Processor (SNP) appliances to NEP UK, the UK division of the media technology partner for content creators around the globe.

NEP UK installed the SNPs in four of their largest outside broadcast (OB) trucks, in order to provide an automated workflow for delivering 4K and Ultra HD (UHD), HD, standard (SDR) and high dynamic range (HDR) signals.

Explaining how NEP UK has adopted the use of the SNP as a high-density signal conversion engine, Chris Cannon, Director of Technical Operations at NEP UK, said, “Given the tight confines of an OB truck, we really appreciate we can get eight UHD conversion channels in just 1RU, and that includes signal format conversion, as well as SDR-HDR conversion ― the latter through the built-in conversion pipeline or through customer-defined LUTs.

“We set and forget the SNPs; they perform well, take up little rack space, consume less power, and deliver the full variety of HD, UHD, SDR and HDR outputs we need.”

The SNP is a software-defined IP and SDI signal processing device. Each 1RU device features four independent processing blocks, each of which can adopt personalities defined by the software. 

Applications are available on individual licenses, so users can define the exact functionality they require and reconfigure their SNPs as tasks demand ― making them particularly suited to outside broadcast work.

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